Writer’s Retreat?

This barn in Germany caught my eye. My friends on Facebook want to visit it.  Some want to own it. Others want to write in it. Why is it that we writers want to escape to some other place to write?

Even if I have a writing corner, desk or even a room where I live, the idea of a retreat devoted specifically to writing is appealing.  Giving myself permission to take a trip devoted solely to my work sounds extravagant. Luxurious.  Yet, the places I would like to write in are usually rustic, natural and untamed.  The places that inspire me have clouds worth photographing. Water to reflect on.  Hills that need climbing.

Someday, I will organize a retreat for writers that has all of these things. Care to join me?



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Retreat?

  1. I would never leave if I could write here! I would finish every last one of my writing projects, and then go outside, look for inspiration and go back inside and write some more. Wait, what kind of heat does it have? I can’t write if it’s cold so we need to put a wood stove in there if it doesn’t already have one. OKay, I’ll stop now.


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